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The John Radcliffe Hospital is part of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and provides cardiology and cardiac surgery services to nearly 2 million people in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Wiltshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. It also provides investigation and treatment for patients from the Channel Island of Jersey. Many patients choose to travel from all over the United Kingdom and abroad. It is situated in Headington, 3 miles from Oxford city centre. The John Radcliffe also houses many departments of Oxford University Medical School.

Although the John Radcliffe Hospitals predominantely treats patients under the NHS it also offers investigation and treatment to privately insured patients, self-funding patients and overseas patients. There is a private ward on Level 5

The Oxford Heart Centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital

The Oxford Heart Centre is a £29 million development that opened in October 2009 as part of the expansion of Oxford's cardiac services on the John Radcliffe site. The Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Wards have 50 single occupancy, ensuite rooms over 3 storeys. There are 5 labs of which 3 are dedicated to arrhythmias procedures such as catheter ablations and pacemaker implants.

The Oxford Cardiac Rhythm Management team consistes of 3 consultant cardiac  electrophysiologists, an EP Fellow and specialist registrars, 4 Arrhythmia Nurse Specialists, cardiac physiologists and secretarial and administrative staff. Specialist Arrhythmia Clinics are held 3 times a week in the Cardiology Oupatients, plus nurse-led pacemaker and ICD preadmissions and followup clinics. There is a full range of outpatient investigation services including ECGs, Holter and event monitors, echocardiography, exercise testing, and cardiac MRI and CT scanning.


Every year more than 700 catheter ablation procedures are performed for atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, SVTs and ventricular tachycardia. Over 500 pacemakers, 200 ICDs and 150 CRT (biventricular) devices are implanted. The facilities have the latest cutting-edge technology including a Hansen Robotic Arm and cryoablation therapy. There are close working relationships with cardiology colleagues who specialise in heart failure, cardiomyopathies, congenital heart disease, cardiac imaging, coronary artery disease and genetics. There is also a strong clinical research programme.

Heart centre TB John Radcliffe

Specialist arrhythmia care is provided at the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Nuffield Manor Hospital

The Nuffield Manor Hospital

EP lab pro

The Nuffield Manor Hospital is a private hospital in Headington, Oxford, which provides services for patients who are privately insured, self-funding or from overseas. There are specialist arrhythmia clinics and a full range on putpatient investigations including ECGs, Holter and event monitors, echocardiography, exercise testing and tilt table testing. Only a very limited number of simple procedures (such as pacemaker battery changes) are performed at the Manor Hospital. Private patients have their arrhythmia procedures perfomed at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Manor Hospital

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